123: So Good They Can’t Ignore You

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Just follow your passion, right? … No.

Unless you’re already highly skilled at something you’re passionate about, following your passion will only drive you to be miserable. To get a great job you can feel passionate about, you must first have something rare and valuable to give. You must be so good they can’t ignore you.

A much better idea: Follow your curiosity.

119: The Polyglots

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The story of how Michael and Radek learned English, German, and other languages. Michael's way was to watch lots of movies and sing lots of songs. Meanwhile, Radek plugs in historical spaced repetition learning data from his very first magic spreadsheet (again!).

118: More Than Good Enough

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After a few months of heavy iPad use, Radek admits: despite its (obvious) flaws and limitations, iPad Pro is a surprisingly good computer.

There's still ways to go, but with some determination and a shift in mindset, there are very few things you can't do on an iPad.

116: App of the Reunion

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Like every half a year, we reunite in one physical location, this time: Wrocław. We talk about learning languages, beers, Taiwan, and the low-carb diet.

110: Non-Violent Communication

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Today, we discuss Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg: Resolving conflicts with other people, taking responsibility for your own life, finding empathy for yourself.

PS. Apologies for being not one, but two weeks late!

109: Workflow to the rescue

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Taking iOS automation up to eleven.

Featuring: making Magic Spreadsheet work on iPhone using Workflow, smart checklists in Nozbe, journaling Workflows, Automator on the Mac, URL schemes, and finally… how Radek made an iPhone day planning app by stringing together two different apps with Workflow.

108: iPad Consultations

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Michael teaches Radek how to be more productive on an iPad.

Featuring: using Evernote (or Notes) as a temporary files storage, solving drag&drop issues with web apps, limitations of Dropbox, and putting it all together to make complex workflows easy.

107: Simplify everything

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Habits, systems, and reminders are crucial, but it is possible to go too far and end up hoarding them. Every now and then, it's worth questioning which are really essential, and which no longer serve a purpose; what can be removed, simplified, automated, or delegated.

Heuristics to use when simplifying:

  • Is this (still) important? Do I care about the goal it's serving?
  • Is it still relevant? Can I do just fine without it?
  • Is it realistic I'll ever get this done?
  • If I'll ever need this again, will I just remember it? (Do I need to store it?)
  • Do I already have it somewhere else? Don't duplicate things.
  • It is the right place for this? (events in calendar, tasks in Nozbe, etc...)
  • Is it the right time for this? (maybe different time of day or day of week would work better?)
  • Can I do it less often?
  • Can I batch it with similar tasks?
  • Can I automate this?
  • Can I delegate it to someone else?
  • Do I actually follow this reminder? (If not, why pretend?)
  • Does this piece of data actually influence my behavior or decisions? (If not, why track it?)

105: Twitter detox

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Discussion on distractions and addiction, and how that relates to software we use. We forgot how to be bored for even 30 seconds, and we fill even the smallest slices of our time by responding to notifications and with social media. Just so we can have our hit of dopamine.