168: Get bored

We own technology so that it makes our life better. Right? Or is it the other way around?

What if filling every single second of our life with social media and compulsively checking all our inboxes and feeds 50 times per day makes us unable to focus and to be intentional?

What if visiting social media once per day for 20 minutes is good and healthy, but 20 times per day for one minute isn't?

A discussion + some coping hacks.

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167: The clunky future

The state of computing is in an awkward state, but full of promise. On one side, unnecessary complicated PCs; on the other, fun but somewhat clunky iPads.

One year into the #iPadOnly lifestyle, Radek unpacks the pros and cons of both and their future converging paths.

(Last time we talk about iPads until next WWDC, promise!)

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165: Let’s fix it!

Instead of only complaining, you can act to change things for the better in your local community, neighborhood, city, school. Most people tend to think that getting involved must be very difficult, impossible, or political. But the truth is, a lot of the time, it takes very little to make a positive impact.

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158: Sabbatical

Can a CEO of a small company stop working completely for 6 weeks? Michael just did, and this are his lessons learned.

150: Three years in

Learning from three years of The Podcast. Keeping it short, sticking to audio, some stats, and feedback from our listeners!

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