143: How to spend money

Exploring the domain of personal finance: analyzing your spending, how to save money efficiently, why (saving on things you don't care about so you can spend on things you do), and Michael's rant on young people.

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142: Aliens among us

Questioning the format, purpose, length, and need for the semi-annual Nozbe Reunion — the only time when our remote company is in one physical location. More learning from our mistakes, old and new. And how to let go.

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141: Nozbe at Nozbe

This week, we explain, in detail, do we use Nozbe (the app) at Nozbe (the company). Why not all projects have a specific goal and end, a company message board, how to organize work and communication in a software development team, and how to semi-automate complex procedures with templates.

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139: First tasks first

Radek explains his best system yet for planning the day and week to squeeze as much deep work as possible. 

First tasks first, then the frog, radio silence until 10am, plan the next day early, manage energy levels, and keep a stash of backup tasks. Easy!

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138: Leap of faith

A meandering discusson on advantages of semi-nomadic lifestyle, the brokenness of companies, changing paradigms, always taking the blame, and being immunized by experience.

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136: Traveling with apps

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Using technology to make traveling easier.

How to keep track of who owes whom how much, saving money on currency exchanges, running through the airport more quickly, keeping track of expenses, managing preparation for a trip, and sharing all the files, calendars, maps… and more.

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132: Reusable Rocketry

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On the day of Falcon Heavy's maiden launch (currently the most powerful rocket in the world), we discuss what makes SpaceX great.

SpaceX makes the cheapest and most powerful rockets in the world, and they're reusable. How come they succeeded, and NASA's Space Shuttle (also supposed to be cheap and reusable) failed? There are lessons you can take from SpaceX's success and apply them to companies in other industries.

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130: 2017 Highlights

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Annual Review series, part 4.

We're taking a look back at last year, to consider all that was good, bad, ugly, or just unexpected, and learn from it.

Pro Tip: Use the Annual Review Template to kick off your yearly plan

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129: Letting go

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Annual Review series, part 3.

Each year, start anew. Your past projects, goals, habits don’t matter… unless you decide that they really do.

Don’t automatically move last year’s failed goals to this year.

And don’t hold yourself to the highest standard you’ve ever achieved.

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128: Values

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Annual Review series, part 2.

Last week we discussed how to structure goals. Today, we discuss how to select your goals in the first place.

It starts with deep self-knowledge. Truly understanding the things about you, what motivates you, what excites you, what makes you tick, and also what you dislike and despise. Not the things that everyone will nod their head at, but the things particular to you.

When you write down what you really are like, it suddenly becomes clear which things are important, and which ones merely seemed like a good idea.

127: Burst Projects vs Keystone Habits

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Annual Review series, part 1.

Sometimes you stumble upon a project that excites and engages you so much, it gives you what feels like superhuman power. We discuss how to foster the right environment for such projects to appear in your life.

We also explore the subject of focus. We're much better at doing hard things sequentially than all at once. Well… most things. Some — keystone habits — only work if you do them with high consistency.

And so we present a new template for planning goals for the year. Either as burst projects (high intensity, short duration), or keystone habits (low intensity, high consistency). But not long, stretched out projects layered on top of each other.

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126: Inbox Non-Zero

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How to become less addicted to notifications and badges.

The thing is: they're designed to make us react. Every time we see there's a new message, we check it out. And thus it becomes a compulsive behavior we cannot stop (we're just humans after all). We can reduce our exposure to the trigger (have less notifications), but how do we fix the root cause?

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