165: Let’s fix it!

Instead of only complaining, you can act to change things for the better in your local community, neighborhood, city, school. Most people tend to think that getting involved must be very difficult, impossible, or political. But the truth is, a lot of the time, it takes very little to make a positive impact.

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158: Sabbatical

Can a CEO of a small company stop working completely for 6 weeks? Michael just did, and this are his lessons learned.

150: Three years in

Learning from three years of The Podcast. Keeping it short, sticking to audio, some stats, and feedback from our listeners!

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148: Don’t spend it all

Thoughts on saving money. We discuss two different approaches to money when you’re young. And then we talk about ETFs — the simplest, least risky way to invest money in stock markets.

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146: Magic of Tidying Up

Why living in a simple, minimalistic space is efficient, frugal, and good for psychological well-being.

And more importantly: how to get there. (Hint: it’s an emotionally daunting journey, but well worth it!)

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